You have never seen such incredible proof that you need to wear sunscreen. Amazing!

In this incredible video, artist Thomas Leveritt showed random people on the street what their faces look like in ultraviolet light. This is fascinating enough, since this perspective shows future changes in skin that is invisible in ordinary light. So participants were able to see what spots and markings are likely to appear on their faces over time.

This shocks them, but wait till you see what happens when they put sunscreen on…

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7 responses to “You have never seen such incredible proof that you need to wear sunscreen. Amazing!”

  1. Use zinc or titanium oxide, and not the chemical stuff.

  2. dave says:

    there’s a logical leap between uv exposure and premature skin aging. someone should actually show that that is a causal relationship. The ad says premature skin aging is bad and that their product can block uv. It never says that they know that blocking uv slows skin aging. That’s an important point to make. Without it, there’s no reason for daily sunscreen use.

  3. Linds says:

    Agree 🙂

  4. wear spf.simple. says:

    I was the kid that wrote, don’t forget sunscreen in everyone’s yearbook. Obviously for good reason!

  5. rose says:

    so you wana cover up your whole face instead of using sunscreen??

  6. Dawn says:

    Note that those with black skin look healthy. They have that protective melanin in their skin. Once the sun screen goes on the sun sees the person as black. Interesting to me! PS I know people with dark skin can get burned and they need sunscreen, too, but it takes longer, just sayin’.

  7. Samantha says:

    Anyone else notice at the end the blonde girl has a cap on her front tooth? In the light her teeth look fine but under uv light she is “missing” part of a tooth. Just thought that was interesting. Not sure I want to see myself under uv lighting. Lol

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