WWE’s racist Tea Party villain as realistic as pro wrestling

WWE promoting a Racist,immigrant hating Tea Party character vs a Mexican wrestler- unfortunately not an all time low, but top 5 low point.

— Preston, JD (@BayouJefe) February 19, 2013

Yes, WWE has found a new bad guy for fans to root against, ripped straight from yesterday’s headlines — a Tea Party character “with twisted values on what his country should look like, complete with a xenophobic and slightly racist manager named Zeb Colter.” Here’s the basic plot; try to follow along.

So swagger & partner is racist and their match at wrestlemania is against a mexican. @wwe #PG ?

— Dashing Chris Alford (@AlfordV1) February 18, 2013

Yeah, the WWE is back to being racist.The Real American against the wealthy Mexican whose fighting for the poor.

— Milly Del Negro (@j_millerdark) February 19, 2013

The immigrants-draining-our-resources thing might make sense if the Mexican guy wasn’t RICH though. #wwe

— Matt (@PhoropterRaptor) February 19, 2013

So the #wwe announcers just said Jack Swagger is like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh. They had a Don’t Tread On Me poster.

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) February 19, 2013

@wwe What the fuck are you doing with this Zeb Coulter guy? A heel with a Tea Party stereotype angle? Do you still want my money?

— Mark Scudder (@mark_scudder) February 19, 2013

Wow, never thought that the @wwe would invoke the Tea Party into its shows, but that’s what they did.

— Chad Washington (@ChadDWashington) February 19, 2013

Only the @wwe can think a “tea party” wrestler 4 years late is a good idea.

— Brodigan (@brodigan) February 19, 2013

WWE parodying the Tea Party. Only four years behind. Not bad! #RAW

— Mark Wierzbicki (@MarkWierzbicki) February 19, 2013

For some, the years-late parody isn’t stale; it’s long overdue.

Thank u WWE for clowning these tea party Ted Nugent pin-up worshiping ass-clowns.anti-american f*cktards. Maybe now u know how dumb u look!

— supRstahA&R (@supRstahAandR) February 19, 2013

Yes, it took a pro-wrestling skit to show the Tea Party the error of their ways. Thanks, WWE!

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