WTF Is A Bath Bomb And Why Are People Obsessed With It?

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Since preteens essentially run Twitter and Instagram, you’ve probably seen something on the internet about bath bombs. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what the fuck they are and why everyone is so obsessed with turning hygienic processes into some kind of fucking artwork.

Bath bombs are basically these little fucking pods that look like those EOS chapsticks that are always featured in Miley Cyrus’ music videos. Whoever designed them must have used a Pokeball as a muse, since I can’t tell if soap or fucking Charzard is going to come out.

Apparently, you throw them in your bath to change the color the water. Because why bathe in regular water when it could be pink? Right? The blue man group has been using them for years.

The main company that sells them is called “Lush” and they are trying to revolutionize the way white girls bathe, clearly. I can just see the meme of the small African kid meme- “so you’re telling me that you use your running water and turn it purple?” God, people are so fucking insufferable.

Normally, I don’t usually harbor a vendetta against bath soaps, but bath bombs are literally the stupidest fucking thing. Some of them are sold on for 7 dollars PLUS SHIPPING. You’re paying fucking 10 dollars to take a bath. And let’s be honest, why do these little colorful turds exist? For the insta, obviously. Because bitches looooooove to post pictures of themselves in the bath. I’m not one to budget, but 10 dollars for a bath is 3 shots of tequila on Thursday nights and I know what’s really important.

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