WTF: Baltimore Cop Is Caught On Camera Repeatedly Punching A Man In The Face (Video)

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Recent footage gathered from a city surveillance camera in Baltimore, MD, shows a police officer repeatedly punching a man in the face.

The altercation, which occurred on June 15 outside of a liquor store, ended with the arrest of 32-year-old Kollin Truss after an officer punched him multiple times.

In his report, Officer Vincent E. Cosom wrote Truss was intoxicated and that he “got into a fighting stance and clenched his fist,” provoking the fight.

At that point, Officer Cosom said he feared for his life and fought Truss back, but the video indicates it may not have happened the way he said it did.

Truss has filed a $35 million brutality lawsuit, while Officer Cosom, who’s been on the police force for six years, continues active duty.

On Monday, Baltimore Police announced an investigation has been launched by internal affairs.

The video has no sound and depicts Truss, accompanied by a woman who is identified as Truss’ then-girlfriend, Stephanie Coleman, getting into an argument with Officer Cosom.

While other officers start to show up to the scene, Cosom pushes Coleman. Fed up with the situation, Coleman wisely drags Truss away from the altercation, but the officers follow them.

Cosom runs around Coleman, swinging a haymaker that connects with Truss’ jaw. Officer Cosom continues to throw uppercuts like a boxer while a colleague holds Truss upright.

Coleman finally breaks Cosom away from Truss, but the officer is able to land some brutal punch combinations before the fight is broken up.

After being punched multiple times, Truss was arrested and charged with several misdemeanors including resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, intoxication and assault, but the charges were dropped after the video was seen by authorities.

Truss’ lawyers, Ivan J. Bates and Tony N. Garcia, believe the video portrays the scene exactly how it happened.

They said,

This attack was completely unprovoked and served no legitimate law enforcement purpose.

The lawsuit also mentions that the Central Booking and Intake Center refused to process Truss until he was seen by a doctor.

Baltimore Police released their statement on Monday announcing their investigation, saying they would welcome any information from people who have related evidence.

Watch the horrific assault footage above.

H/T: Huffington Post

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