Would you walk on this glass-bottomed bridge in China? [photos, video]

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Check out these photos of China’s new tourist attraction! If just the height isn’t scary enough for your “nightmare,” it sways back and forth, too:

This swaying glass-bottomed bridge has opened in China http://t.co/FDOHpC9UUz (Pic: Rex) pic.twitter.com/kqenHvWABm

— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) October 1, 2014

Photos taken on Mon show a glass-bottomed suspension bridge in Yueyang, Hunan, with 300-meter-long and 180-meter-high pic.twitter.com/K37dz6iaK2

— People's Daily,China (@PDChina) September 29, 2014

Eeek! And here’s video:

And if you get there and freak out, there are “specially trained staff available to help any visitors in need of emotional support.

Might we suggest the addition of a saloon of some sort? That would help.



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