Woman Proposed To Girlfriend By Creating A Musical Based On Their Relationship (Video)

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Put the roses and the poems away because one woman has just won the proposal game.

Several weeks ago, Kriss Marr surprised her girlfriend, Lauren-Joy Goss, with a night on the town. She gave Goss half an hour to pack an overnight bag before ushering her into a waiting car. Goss had no idea what their plans included, but it was about to become a very special evening.

Marr took Goss out to the restaurant where they had their first date. There, three of her friends waited to “calm her nerves.” As dinner wound down, Marr revealed their next step: a small theater nearby.

As Goss took her seat, Marr explained that she wanted to express her love unconventionally.

What followed was a 20-minute musical performed by friends and family based on scenes from the couple’s relationship. In the last scene, Goss was ushered up on stage, and Marr proposed on one knee.

Proposal: The Musical.

An emotional rendition of “Falling Slowly,” from the film “Once.”


A friend gives the couple her blessing.


Marr gets down on one knee.


Goss is overwhelmed, but she says “yes” wholeheartedly.


Marr and Goss share an embrace.


She accepts her ring.


And with it, the start of a new journey.


H/T: HowHeAsked, Photos courtesy: Chris Panagakis

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