When It Floods In Arizona, The Only Thing To Do Is Some Intense Urban Rafting (Video)

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Mother nature can be extremely unpredictable at times, often creating exhilarating opportunities for some thrill-seeking fun.

Recent flooding and rain accumulation in Scottsdale, AZ, provided three guys with an excuse to do some urban rafting.

In the video, filmed with a GoPro camera, the three brave adventurers are bid farewell by their friends standing safely on shore.

As giddy and excited as ever, the guys travel down the murky current toward an overpass and rip through an urban version of white water rapids.

Screaming “yeah!” at the top of their lungs, these guys are proud of their mini-exploit, and you should be, too. Watch these guys do some urban rafting in the video above.

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/news/world/urban-rafting-arizona/748980/

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