What women really think of beards

What do you say, ladies? True or false?

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4 responses to “What women really think of beards”

  1. Timber Loggins says:

    I can sympathize. When I pick my son up at school, I get looks from half the ladies like I’m coming to select a victim.

  2. Luke says:

    yeah. goddamn that big razor industry…

  3. Sheila says:

    Hate beards. Totally agree with the video. Kissing a beard or stubble is like sandpaper. Watching someone eat with a beard or mustache is nasty! Seeing food of indeterminate age caught in it is revolting.

  4. Thomas says:

    This is all a matter of opinion, some people love beards, some hate them and most are somewhere in between those two extremes. The same goes for ladies and pixie cuts. I, for one, absolutely love really short hair on a woman, but some men hate it. The beard debate will never cease, because there will always be enthusiasts and enemies of the style. P.S. to the women who are being unnecessarily mean-spirited in your comments: Get a damn life. There are probably things about you that some men find “disgusting,” etc. but it’s completely rude and uncalled-for to single all bearded men out as slobs, neanderthals or vagrants. Be kind.

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