What Women Experience While Walking Alone On Cairo’s Busiest Bridge Is Appalling (Video)

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Most women — no matter where they live, who they are, or what they do — will get catcalled at some point or another. It’s unfortunate, but true.

This is usually worse in larger cities, especially when walking is the best means of transportation. Women have learned, unfairly, to ignore it, to deal with it and to accept it as a part of the daily grind, even though it can be degrading.

To be fair, here in the US, we have it pretty easy. Though we’re often objectified, we also have the right to tell a dude to “f*ck off” if we feel like it, which is definitely not true in other countries.

For example, Egypt recently attempted to criminalize non-physical sexual harassment, like catcalling, after studies showed a full 99 percent of Egyptian women reported experiencing sexual harassment in public (with 97 percent of harassment classified as physical).

Though Egypt’s new legislation shows major strides toward equality, there’s still much to be done, as you can see in this video, which follows a woman walking over Cairo’s busiest bridge.

She’s followed by leers and unwelcome stares from men, and it’s generally uncomfortable — and extremely eye opening to watch — especially as an American.

The video is paired with an Arabic song that has a title translating to “Flirting, Yes; Harassment, No,” once again highlighting how prevalent the problem is in Egypt’s largest city.

Take a look above.

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