What This Psychologist Has To Say About Sex Offenders Might Surprise You. But You Should Hear It.

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The idea that human beings just like us (not monsters) can commit a pretty heinous crime is a scary concept.

Thankfully, Dr. Burrowes wants to calmly break it down for us. It’s the kind of truth that might be difficult to accept at first but that we absolutely have to hear.


At 0:14, Dr. Burrowes says that around 30 percent of people convicted of a sex offense continue to claim they’re innocent long after their conviction. A study labeled “Sex Offenders In and Out of Prison” says on page 16 of its appendix:

“There does not appear to be any centrally held data regarding how
many sexual offenders are denying or partially denying their offence or in appeal against
sentence. But assuming sex offenders at Isle of Wight and Littlehey are typical (no
restrictions on intake) the figures are 25-40%.”

While these numbers are specific to the Isle of Wight and Littlehey (which are in the U.K.), Dr. Burrowes assured me that the statistic stacks up with data she’s culled from other non-public sources.

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