What These Guys Did At Walmart Will Have You Laughing So Hard — They Have No Shame!

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When you were a kid, did you ever break away from Mom and Dad at the store and try to make a new life for yourself behind clothing racks and shelves? Same.

And that’s why what these grown men did at their local Walmart is so hilarious. When they walked in, they headed straight for the toilet paper section. Why? To build a fort of epic proportions, obviously.

It wasn’t just any fort, either. This thing had two levels, for crying out loud. It was so fabulous, in fact, that a few lovely ladies couldn’t even resist taking a look at what was going on in there. We think the footage is hysterical, but something tells me that the employees at this store didn’t find the project so entertaining.

If you just can’t get enough of their Walmart debauchery, make sure you check out their follow-up videos here and here. In fact, if you study them for long enough, you could even follow in their footsteps!

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