What if the movie “Taken” featured a real dad instead of Liam Neeson

If a teenager is kidnapped and dad has to take care of it, this is probably how it would actually go down, as opposed to the way it happened in Taken

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4 responses to “What if the movie “Taken” featured a real dad instead of Liam Neeson”

  1. Fraser says:

    Sure it did — her dad went to Paris and killed all the bad guys. Well, not all of them, I guess there’s some left over for the sequel. But most of them, definitely.Oh, you mean the best friend died? Well, nobody remembered her after a few of those awesome fight scenes.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Funny! I remember watching that movie and immediately calling my dad to ask how he would respond (since like Liam he has some real skills from years in the military). I explained, “Dad, what if I lied about where I was and got kidnapped and you talked to the kidnappers and they said you couldn’t call the police. Would you come fight and rescue for me?” His response, “You wouldn’t lie and I’d call the police.” “But Dad,” I clamored, “You can’t call the police.” “I’d call the police.” Haha, I laughed so hard.

  3. jennapants says:

    google shot = best 🙂

  4. brooke says:

    Ugh. This kind of makes me sick. The real dad from the true story spoke in our town. And all I can think about is how the true story didn’t have a happy ending.

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