What Happened To This Dog Made My Stomach Turn. And At The End? I Cried Like A Baby.

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Very few people have the time or resources to save animals in need. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something for them. Heroic animal rescue organizations like Hope For Paws exist to help animals in need when others can’t. A woman named Sandy Mays discovered a dog in a condition that’ll make you feel ill. The pit bull was intensely shy of strangers, she had a severe eye injury and tumors in her face. Savannah, as she was later named, was in desperate need of a rescue. Sandy wasn’t able to help her, but she had to do something. So, Sandy called her friend Lauren. Lauren called Lisa. Then, Lisa helped enlist Eldad from Hope For Paws in a heartwarming rescue.

Savannah was in pain.

Not only that, but she was terrified of humans.

Luckily, Eldad was able to get close enough to touch her.

You need to see this touching rescue, and how it all ended, for yourself. By the end of this video, you may be in tears. Savannah transformed from disfigured and frightened dog into something beautiful. Watch her rescue:

Savannah was lucky that so many people worked together to find a way to help her.

Help Savannah find a home by sharing this story with everyone you know.

Source: Hope For Paws This poor girl was only able to receive the surgery she needed thanks to the donations that people have generously given to Hope For Paws. If you’d like to help Savannah find a home, please share her story. Or, if you’d like to help other dogs in need, support a local shelter or rescue like Hope For Paws (click here to visit their Donations page). Let this video be an inspiration for you. “Our hope is that people will watch Savannah’s video and see that they too have the ability to help those without a voice. Whether they foster, volunteer, donate, rescue, advocate, share or adopt… each of us has a way to effect pet overpopulation. And by supporting Hope For Paws in any of these ways, they are giving hope for paws.” – Annie, Hope For Paws There are so many dogs in the world like Savannah, mistreated and alone. Help them find homes. Share this story.

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