What Happened To This 18 Month Old Baby Giraffe Made My Stomach Turn. Even Worse Is That They Did It In Front Of Kids. (WARNING:GRAPHIC)

A zoo in Copenhagen has sparked outrage after it ignored an intense online campaign and went ahead with its plan to kill Marius, a healthy 18-month-old giraffe. He was put down with a bolt gun Sunday as a crowd that included many small children looked on. Marius was then chopped up and fed to lions and other carnivores at the zoo. Officials at the zoo said that while they understood the protests, they had no choice because the giraffe was part of an international breeding program that prohibits inbreeding. This is terrible, there are so many things they could have zone to save an innocent giraffe’s life.

Share Marius’ story and let’s make sure this won’t happen ever again.

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