We're on a boat, motherwoofers

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14 responses to “We're on a boat, motherwoofers”

  1. HasAnyoneInThisFamilyEverSeenAChicken says:

    Well he looks damn pleased with himself

  2. cataract says:

    Time to play, Which Subreddit Did This Come From!

  3. JokeDestroyer says:

    Don’t you errr forget.

  4. Dunes8 says:

    That’s the smarmiest looking dog I’ve seen.

  5. sturmicide says:

    “I’m pooping” – dog

  6. sevenonesicks says:

    Top comment will be something about moon moon and I should buy a boat cat.

  7. TurkishMassageOwl says:

    That dog looks like a bond villain.

  8. dullawolf says:


  9. rawritsbrooke says:

    You like Krabby Patties, don’t you Squidward?

  10. scooterwillie says:

    That dog’s pre-sneeze face freaks me out

  11. WhatIfAllTheAirWasCats says:

    He was rollin a couple of bones.

  12. Swyfte says:

    Yes! +1 for someone else who uses the word smarmy. I always get stared at

  13. KrazyKirby says:

    /r/pcmasterrace, duh

  14. skimmerlit says:

    That dog has the “Yo yo yo, wazzzzup?” expression

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