Watch Tom Hanks’ F-Bomb Slip on Live TV

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Actor Tom Hanks appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday to discuss his upcoming fantasy drama film Cloud Atlas, but during the segment he had a verbal slip-up, uttering the f-word on live television.

“Mostly it’s swear words,” he said, describing the English accent he used in the role to host Elizabeth Vargas.

Then, trying to act with the accent, he says, “f***ing boots.” Both Hanks and Vargas quickly gasped — hand to mouth — and apologized. Hanks and GMA even addressed the situation on Twitter:

ABC issued this statement about the flub: “This morning Tom Hanks accidently used an expletive during a live interview on GMA with Elizabeth Vargas. They both immediately apologized on air, and the show was corrected for the all subsequent feeds.”

Cloud Atlas, which also stars Halle Berry and Hugh Grant, hits theaters Oct. 26.

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