Watch This Hilariously Bad Video Attempting To Discredit Black Friday Protesters

“Meet America’s professional protesters.” (They drink beer and eat pizza for breakfast.)

Walmart is facing the threat of more than a thousand protests on Black Friday by workers demanding better pay and working conditions — not a great look for the world’s biggest retailer on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

So why not find a way to make it look a little less bad?

Worker Center Watch, a website “dedicated to exposing Big Labor’s abuse of the worker center organizational model,” pitched in by putting out a video depicting America’s “professional protesters” earlier this month. According to, the website was actually registered by the former head lobbyist for Walmart’s firm — which gives some context to the hilariously absurd video.

According to Worker Center Watch, people protesting at retailers — all white, male youths — are paid to do it. They eat pizza and beer for breakfast after waking up in the afternoon. Then they actually look in the mirror and say: “Let’s protest!” before harassing customers. After all, “their job is to beat up your job.”

At the end, the narrator urges listeners: “This Black Friday, just buy your gifts, don’t buy their lies.”

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