Watch these kids shut down a problem that grown-ups have been trying to solve for centuries.


Are you ready to be comforted by a sandwich? Well, get ready because I have to tell you some crappy news first.

Around 3.5 million children die from hunger every year.


I know. I KNOW.

We talked to our fact-check folks, and they said the number checks out, approximately. For example, Bread for the World puts the number of children dead from hunger at 2.6 million, but all the studies put the figure in the MILLIONS.

Most of the deaths from hunger happen because of poor nutrition. Young children don’t get the right nutrition during their formative years (ages 0-5), so their immune systems become weak, and they are more susceptible to diseases like measles.

What if there was a simple way to change that mindset? What if I also told you that WE ALL KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT THIS and we’ve been solving hunger since we were kids???

You’d believe me.

You’d believe it when I tell you that these little ones didn’t HAVE to share their food in this experiment. But they ALWAYS did.


Let’s believe that it’s possible to share it all.

That’s where it starts.


Watch the experiment, believe in humans, then share this. You might wind up feeding someone who’s hungry.

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