WATCH: TERRIFYING Footage Shows Small Child Fallen Into a Gorilla Enclosure At Zoo

It happened in Jersey Zoo, The Channel Island, UK, where 5-year-old Levan Merritt was enjoying a day at the zoo with family.

Little Levan is especially interested in Jambo, a huge silverback gorilla. He climbs on on the ledge to get a better look, but then ends up falling into the enclosure below! And wouldnt you know it, Jambo is rushing towards the kid. People are freaking out big time as this little kid is about to be shred by a giant gorilla. Cant blame the silverback either, as heres this kid invading his space and natural territorial instincts kick in, and heavy aggression is naturally going to follow. But at the point of arrival, when people begin to cover their faces at the gore-fest about to go down, Jambo actually stands there, over the boy, almost like hes protecting the kid, who is now unconscious from the impact of the fall.

Thankfully somebody caught this on camera. And thankfully its not the recorded gore-fest they probably expected to capture. This is being used now as evidence that gorillas in fact are not naturally aggressive and they only react towards behavior against them. Check out this amazing video and see how Jambo reacts to this bizarre situation!

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