Watch Carrie Brownstein’s Commercial For American Express

1. This is Carrie Brownstein. She stars in Portlandia, is the frontwoman for Wild Flag, and is an ex-member of classic riot grrl band Sleater-Kinney.

On the minute chance you might not recognize her, Carrie’s an amazing guitarist, comedic actress, and all-around rad person. She’s been established in the alternative music world for over three decades now and continues to make imaginative, awesome work.

2. Now her career includes a commercial for American Express.

She plays very Portlandia-esque mini-characters, including a vinyl aficionado. It’s definitely an unexpected move for her, and one that might be criticized by her more diehard anti-corporate fans, but here’s the thing: She’s a genius who has long since paid her DIY dues. Given that fact, who better to get that paper (or plastic)?

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