Watch Astronauts Perform Student Experiments in Space

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Thousands of students around the world submitted science projects to be performed in space. Today, astronauts will conduct the two winning experiments live from the International Space Station, 250 miles above Earth.

Starting at 10:30 a.m. ET, Bill Nye will host the 45-minute event, which will be live-streamed via YouTube. You can watch the video above.

“Students from around the world came up with experiments that could only be performed where there is no gravity— the International Space Station,” said Nye. “You and I will meet the winning young scientists and talk with astronauts in orbit.”

The first of the two winning projects comes from Amr Mohamed, 18, who came up with an experiment to explore the question: “Can you teach an old spider new tricks?” He proposed investigating the effects of microgravity on how the zebra spider catches its prey, and whether it could adapt its behavior in space. As part of his prize, he went to Star City, Russia, the training center for Russian cosmonauts.

Dorothy Chen and Sara Ma, both 16, created the second winning experiment. Their project investigates whether compounds and nutrients can block bacterial growth differently in microgravity, which ultimately could lead a path to fighting germs more effectively on Earth. In short, they want to know if alien superbugs could cure disease on Earth. As part of their prize, Dorothy and Sara toured JAXA facilities and watched the rocket with the winning experiments blast off from southern Japan.

The project is part of YouTube Space Lab, sponsored by Lenovo.

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