Washington Nationals Rookie Phenom Plays Softball At The Washington Monument

Bryce Harper will make his debut for the Nationals Park debut tonight after being called up last weekend. But yesterday Bryce had his first major league off day and he spent it by being super cool. While doing some “finally in the big leagues” sight-seeing Bryce happend upon a slow pitch softball game being played in the shadow of the Washington Monument. The teams? The World Wildlife Fund and the Alliance to Save Energy. (How very DC.)

Bryce asked the guys if they needed a pinch-hitter and they handed him the metal bat. The pitcher is a brave man for even considering throwing a ball to a metal bat-wielding Bryce, but he was rewarded for his bravery by Bryce swinging and missing. on the next pitch Harper made contact, but that guy will always get to tell people how he got a strike on Bryce Harper.

Or Bryce Harper will wash out of the league and people will tell him to shut up because “that kid was an overrated, cocky asshole.” Either way, cool story bro.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/jpmoore/washington-nationals-rookie-phenom-plays-softball

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