Vonage Gets ‘Crazy Generous’ in New Ad Campaign

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Most companies have chief executive officers and chief operating officers, but Vonage may be the first to introduce a chief generosity officer.

Vonage, the VoIP service provider, introduced an ad campaign on Monday that features a new brand representative: a crazed and very hairy man who looks like he could have been an extra from Geico’s caveman campaign. In the first video, the man rants on the street about phone companies “living in the Stone Age” with “barbaric pricing models.”

“What we need is a company that connects us with generosity,” the man says to passers-by. One of those passers-by happens to work for Vonage, and he hires the would-be Geico caveman as the company’s new chief generosity officer.

“The chief generosity officer brings the Vonage brand to life, literally, and reinforces our ambition of bringing great value to consumers in a way that is fun and engaging,” Barbara Goodstein, Vonage’s chief marketing officer, a more traditional title, said in a statement. “Our CGO invites consumers to use Vonage to connect more frequently, across their devices, without the constraint of high calling costs.”

The campaign, which was developed by JWT New York, also introduces a new slogan for the company — “Crazy generous” — which replaces the “Sounds good” slogan that Vonage has used since 2009. During that time, Vonage has faced increased competition from other Internet calling services like Skype and Google Voice.

Vonage plans to feature the ad campaign and the new chief generosity officer on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Image courtesy of YouTube, Vonage

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