Video of Kansas City Royal Brayan Pena reacting to that praying mantis

Yesterday we saw that a praying mantis made an appearance at the Royals/Tigers game the other day and Brayan Pena happily held it up for all to see.

Here’s how he reacted to it at first, though…

(Jump to 1:33 to get right to it.)

I’d react the same way, but I’m still going to laugh at this a little bit.

(via Big League Stew)

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2 responses to “Video of Kansas City Royal Brayan Pena reacting to that praying mantis”

  1. Judah says:

    Brad,It’s definitely not true for soccer. Games usually last around 100 or so minutes, including half-time, of which 90 minutes is actually played. The only time there isn’t action during a soccer game is the 10-15 minute halftimes. In my humble opinion, I think every sport is more action-packed than baseball, with the exception of golf. That’s not to say I hate baseball though. 🙂 It can be some of the best times for friend outings (as Shawn mentioned), as opposed to going to a soccer game where your attention is fixed to play the whole time because there aren’t any “timeouts” or “innings”. It just depends on your taste really, I guess. 🙂

  2. Shawn says:

    Slow?…An average game will usually last about 3 hours, of that time only about 10 – 15 minutes of it is the ball actually in play. to the ball park is all about being outside and hanging out with friends/buddies. Getting a ball park dog-and-a-beer (or coke for me). You are a diehard fan or baseball nut if you go by yourself to a baseball game, for the most part.

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