Trucker selflessly approaches blazing car, saves baby and grandma from the fiery wreckage

When a car t-boned a semi truck on I-10 in Biloxi, Mississippi, last Monday, it punctured the truck’s fuel tank, generating a massive fireball in a terrible accident that was captured on truck driver David Fredericksen’s dashcam.

Fredericksen and his passenger assumed any occupants of the car were probably dead, but he grabbed his fire extinguisher and sprung into action anyway.

Incredibly, both the grandmother driving the Lincoln Town Car and her 1-year-old granddaughter were still alive, but the grandmother had a broken leg and was unable to open her door.

Fredericksen suppressed the flames just long enough to open the passenger door and rescue the granddaughter while fellow passersby pulled the grandmother to safety. Shortly after, the car burst into flames, but incredibly, everyone involved in the horrific accident was alive…

Later, Fredericksen would say he doesn’t think he acted heroically. Of course, he’s absolutely wrong. He disregarded his own safety to save two people who were helpless to save themselves. He is, in fact, the definition of a hero. The world needs more people like him.

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12 responses to “Trucker selflessly approaches blazing car, saves baby and grandma from the fiery wreckage”

  1. Steve says:

    Pretty fast response by Fire Department, but that is offset by them taking forever to actually put out the fire. After they drove to the far side, I couldn’t see single fireman moving.

  2. boogeyman says:

    Confirmed. Van pulls off to the shoulder on the other side of the wreck. You can see the Top rack on the van through the smoke.

  3. wtf says:

    i would like to amend my comment and say that the gentleman in the truck who didnt have the fire extinguisher is an assclown and the gentleman who help is a good man. I did not mean to sound so harsh.

  4. turtlegirl784 says:

    It actually looks to me like they drove through and then stopped on the other side. It’s hard to see past the car with all the smoke, but the van takes a sharp turn to the right. It could’ve been going down the exit ramp, but I never saw any vehicles on the ramp.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Most people are told to not get in the way if they haven’t been trained as first responders. I think these two guys were quickly assessing the situation, deciding if they could help, and then heading over to help. That is heroic in my book. The main guy was helping faster than anyone else.

  6. CB says:

    The hero bloke DID have that ‘instinct’, he just wanted to confirm his passenger would back him up. I think its even more commendable that despite the passengers reluctance, he gathered his wits and equipment and went out, its a long, lonely walk up to a fresh car crash

  7. wtf says:

    No one here is heroic because no one jumped out and ran towards the vehicle immediately. They friggin talked about the guy most likely being dead and rationalizing why not to help. A Hero is someone with the INSTINCT to help people.

  8. Michael says:

    I completely disagree. A hero is someone who chooses to react and do the right thing despite their instincts telling them to do otherwise. No rational person would instinctively run toward a flaming vehicle. Our instincts are meant to protect us, and any person with rational instincts would run away from a potential explosion like that. But a kind, heroic person takes their instincts into consideration, assess the situation, then quickly (although maybe not immediately) chooses to do the selfless thing in order to save someone else.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Okay, I feel.better now watching it.again.

  10. turtlegirl784 says:

    I can’t believe the police man stopped and then took his sweet time getting over to help.

  11. b says:

    There was no one to beat up, so he had no idea what to do.

  12. Chris says:

    The white van parked further ahead to the right of the big rig that this car hit. Thank goodness this truck driver helped. He saved their lives. He’s definitely a hero!

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