Transporter Sings To Comfort Patients

Hes what is called a transporter at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. Lindon Beckford, 52, has been employed at the facility for three decades, and has developed a habit that he continues to this day, but now with a twist.

Through the day, the man couldnt help but sing to himself. It would help the day go by and put him in a positive mood. Matter of fact, Beckford had strong ambitions to become a singer when he was younger. But it was stage fright that had gotten the better of him, and pretty much created a major roadblock in the fulfillment of his dreams.

Nevertheless, he needed to unleash his talent, so he would do so simply by singing to himself. Little did he know, an audience was forming. Patients at the hospital couldnt help but notice a beautiful voice throughout the corridors. Beckfords job involves moving patients from room to room. Some of them are extremely ill. Beckford ended up actually singing to the patients during their transport. These beautiful lullabies soothed the patients during their transition. He sees it as a small service, but clearly it is a major form of healing and transitioning for the patients as they move to new rooms or head into surgery procedures.

Heres what Beckford has to say about the role he plays at the hospital:

A doctor has his part to play, a nurse has her part Ive got my part to play.

Elvis, Kenny Rogers, and gospel tunes are some of the patients favorites as they are taken to and from surgery procedures. Patient Barbara Tipon talks about his impact:

Hes not just a man that transports us. He makes us happy. He makes our day bright. No matter what your job is, there usually is something you can do to be of service to others.

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