Trailer released for ‘Red Dawn’ remake featuring North Korean bad guys!/joshroby/status/234002225901481985

Prepare to cower at the terrifying might of … the North Koreans?

Is the “Red Dawn” reboot a comedy? Will there be pratfalls? Because evidently there’s really only so much suspension of disbelief the Twitterverse can handle.

Wait, the Red Dawn bad guys are North Koreans? Do we defeat them by introducing them to electricity?

— Political Math (@politicalmath) August 10, 2012

So is everyone going to ignore the fact that Red Dawn has N. Korea invading the U.S. even tho they have yet to successfully launch a missle?

— Matthew Lensch (@mdlensch) August 10, 2012

The North Koreans invade in RED DAWN 2012? C'mon….They couldn't invade South Korea and get away with it.

— MSNBC Watch (@MSNBCWatch) August 10, 2012

The prob with new RED DAWN is that N. Korea can't get across their own border, much less an ocean. My guess: they don't make it past Hawaii.

— David Acuff (@DavidAcuff) August 10, 2012

This Red Dawn trailer is meh anyway But knowing that the invaders are North Koreans? Galactically idiotic

— James Pethokoukis (@JimPethokoukis) August 10, 2012

I will not be seeing Red Dawn remake. North Korea couldn't invade Rhode Island, let alone entire US. Let Patrick Wayne Swayze rest in peace!

— Mr Technology (@AskMrTechnology) August 10, 2012

Wait, North Korea is the antagonist in the Red Dawn remake? That's awful. Hell, Russia being the bad guy again would have made more sense.

— Geoffrey Skelley (@geoffreyvs) August 10, 2012

Also, RE Red Dawn remake- N. Korea is the bad guy that takes down America? Please. Have the balls to make China the villain.

— Brian Losoya (@brianlosoya) August 10, 2012

Actually, China was the villain when the remake was filmed. But the filmmakers took the digital eraser to Chinese flags and other symbols in post-production so they wouldn’t offend the delicate sensibilities of the lucrative Chinese box-office market.

Any suggestions for the bad guys in the inevitable remake of the remake? We shudder to imagine what Hollywood might come up with.

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