Tornadoes Rake Nebraska And Iowa, Leaving At Least 15 Injured

1. A massive wedge tornado struck near Wayne, Neb. The storm was reported to be up to two miles wide.

4. The tornado was caught on video as it ripped through the town.

9. Mayor Ken Chamberlain said all of the residents in town were accounted for and at least 15 people were hurt.

Adam Dorsey / Via

10. Widespread damage was captured on video.

12. Damage was seen in Sloan, Iowa.

A mile-wide tornado touched down near the town of Cherokee, Iowa, cutting a 2- to 3-mile path through farmland but missing any population centers, the state Department of Homeland Security told the Associated Press.

16. Experienced storm chaser Reed Timmer was hospitalized while chasing the storms after he suffered an apparent seizure. He is recovering at Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City, Iowa.

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