Top 10 Fictional Bromances



Joey and Chandler

Whether they were raising chicks or fighting over the chair or unable to figure out who Ben is, as a pair, Joey and Chandler are the ultimate and original bromance. We would literally pay to sit on the disgusting floor of their pizza-box covered apartment and just observe them watching Baywatch in their recliners (which they would of course lower in unison). Seriously this montage made me happier than an Adderall peak.

Nate and Chuck 

Way less funny and way more metrosexual than Joey and Chandler, Nate and Chuck were the millennial bromance. Sure they shared more girls than they did lines of cocaine, these two were always there for each other when one needed a massive wire transfer to buy a hooker or pay a ransom. You really never knew with these two. They brought entirely new meaning to 'That's What Friends Are For.'

Johnny Drama and Turtle

The tagalong members of the entourage who never did #36 work and rode the coattails of Vince's roles in like two shitty movies for six seasons. Good for them. They were a step above all other unemployed losers in LA thanks to the free weed and Avion they got as a result of being one degree of separation from a B-list actor. California dreaming come true.

Ryan and Seth Cohen 

They showed the world that Christmas and Hanukkah can be celebrated under one roof and little Jewish boys and white trash can get along assuming the gentile is the hottest bro in school. We practically credit The OC with pioneering the Coexist campaign.

Larry David and Jeff Garlin

These two peas in a Prius get along on the basis that Jeff is probably the only person in the world who will follow Larry's highly specific “rules of society” and Larry is friends with Jeff because he knows how #5 skinny he looks next to him.

Wedding Crashers

We obviously #167 forgot their names, perhaps because of rule #109 never reveal your true identity or maybe because we weren't paying attention. Either way we knew this bromance was strong and undying ever since rule #1 never leave a fellow crasher behind. We also know they're serious partiers due to rule #71 no excuses play like a champion. We hope bros like this come to our wedding.

Brian and Stewie 

So you may not think of a talking dog and a sociopathic toddler as a likely pair of BFFs, but when Brian and Stewie aren't beating the shit out of each other or calling each other out, they're watching over each other like the besties they are. Sure most of their friendship is Brian trying to stop Stewie from killing Lois but someone's gotta do the job.

Tommy and Chuckie 

Even though Tommy was younger and Chuckie was basically a clown-in-training, Tommy was always a great friend to Chuckie and made him feel good about himself for being so unattractive and scared of his shadow, literally. Take note bros, this stops being cute after you turn three. Also, props to these two for having distinct personalities, unlike Phil and fucking Lil.

Paul Rudd and Jason Segel

“I love you man” made the bromance a Hollywood thing. Sure Paul Rudd is sort of TTH but he's hot so we'll let it slide. See you later, Jobin.

Matty and Jake from Awkward

Things obvi get awkward when two besties compete over the same girl. One of them usually winds up getting punched in the face. But if any bros know how to rally through it it’s these eskimo brothers. Sure we’re obvi team Matty for his superior hotness and douchiness but if we were ever considering dating a nice guy, Jake might be it.

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