Tila Tequila Wrote A Song About A Zionist Conspiracy

1. “Tilisis is the GODDESS of LOVE & WAR!”

Tila Tequila became a minor celebrity on Myspace and starred in MTV’s reality dating show A Shot at Love. But the model and singer’s recent online presence shows that she believes in some really out-there conspiracy theories.

She runs a site, Anonymous Truth Blog, that talks about Zionist conspiracy theories, 9/11 truthers, reptilians, the occult, and the Illuminati. She has posted several images of herself in Nazi uniforms on her Facebook page, and now she has posted a song to YouTube about “Jewluniati motherfuckers” and GMOs.

While the images are shocking and offensive to a reasonable person, Tila’s turbulent life suggests this comes from a deeply troubled person who may be battling mental illness.


Feeding yo mind with GMOs
While givin yo babies flo flo
Not flo rida but flo ride
That shit that burns yo third eye

Jewluminati motherfuckers hate me
Oh no they don’t wanna date me
Nor you nor you nor you too
Worldwide genocide blame it on the Jews

So now they call me a Nazi
No bitch I’m just good at Yahtzee
Espionage is my middle name HA!
I got you good while rolling through yo hood

Hitler no, hi Tila
Hitler no, hit Tila
Hitler no, hi Tila

The last several years for Tila have included domestic violence, drugs, and mental health issues. In 2010, her fiancé Casey Johnson died of diabetes complications, then she suffered a miscarriage while acting as a surrogate for her brother and his wife. She was supposed to appear on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab but dropped out. She sued ex-boyfriend NFL player Shawn Merriman for assault. Her Twitter feed was erratic, and she claimed she suffered from a personality disorder that led an alter ego to hijack her feed.

In 2012, Radar Online reported that Tila had suffered a brain aneurysm, which led her to overdose on prescription drugs and had trouble speaking for a while.

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