Thomas Sowell on Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘You don’t fight every battle’

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Well, there certainly was a difference of opinion following Thomas Sowell’s appearance on “Hannity” Monday night. No, it’s not worth killing each other over, but it does point out a dramatic rift in the Republican Party. As Sowell wrote in an op-ed Sunday:

The Republican establishment’s criticisms of Sen. Cruz are criticisms of his rule-or-ruin strategy, which can destroy whatever chance Republicans have of taking back the Senate in 2014 and taking back the White House in 2016. And, without political power, there is no real hope of changing things in Washington.

The Republicans need every vote they can get in the Senate — plus additional votes by defeating some Democrats who are running for the Senate this fall. It can be a very close call. Jeopardizing the reelection of current Republican Senators is an act of utter irresponsibility, a high risk with zero benefits to anyone except Ted Cruz — and the Democrats.

Does Cruz need to continue taking the fight to the Obama administration, or does he need to learn to pick his battles?!/irritatedwoman/status/438154507537879040!/talkradio200/status/438153988349763584!/MitchBehna/status/438154943396995072!/ElmendorfMark/status/438160843566366721!/SteveDeaceShow/status/438161218852118529!/davedemay/status/438162662007246849!/TheFriddle/status/438163152052576256

Not everyone disagreed with Sowell, however.!/pcostas01/status/438159943120588800!/rkobet/status/438159661498236928!/toddcstacy/status/438155604482588672

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