This Man Did The Most Amazing Thing For A Cold Stranger On The Subway (Video)

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New York may rank among Americas top 10 rudest cities, but that doesnt mean at least one of its residents wont offer the shirt off his or her back to help someone in need.

A video of a man taking off his t-shirt and pulling it over the head of a shivering, shirtless subway rider garnered over 12 million views on Facebook this weekend.

The kind stranger also put a beanie on his fellow riders head to help him stay warm in the January weather.

Lazaro Nolasco, another commuter who recorded the touching video from several seats away, told New York Daily News,

It was just us on the train The guy didnt have a shirt on. His body looked sick.

Nolasco said the GoodSamaritan also offered to take the shivering man to the hospital, and the man reportedly agreed.

Its reassuring to know even in the sixth most unfriendlycity in the nation, kindness exists.

Respect. (via Lazaro El Feo)

Posted by New Yorkers onSaturday, January 9, 2016

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