This Is What Happens If You Flush Sodium Down The Toilet

Inspired by the YouTube channels”Will It Crush?” and Blendtecs “Will It Blend?”, Grant Thompson is here to ask the next big question: Will it flush? He enlisted the help of Codys Lab (the guys who flushed mercury down a toilet) to see what happens if you try to flush a block of sodium down the toilet.

Sodium metal is near-white in color and flexible, so its perhaps not what youd expect when you think of a metal. Nevertheless, its one of the most reactive metals in the periodic table after potassium, caesium, francium, and rubidium. Like all of these alkali metals, it creates a pretty violent exothermic reaction when added to water. In other words, an explosive heat-producing bang.

Remember, don’t try this at home calling a plumber at short notice can cost a ton.

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