This Is The Only Art Lesson You’ll Ever Need

1. This is Karl Gude. He’s the former graphics director for Newsweek and he has an important lesson for you. About art.

3. OK, simple enough start. We can handle that.

4. OK, now make a little chicken foot or a stunted peace sign, gotcha.

5. Add some massive parentheses, and voilà! BUTT.

*whole world applauds*

6. But hey, THERE’S MORE.


8. OK, we’re getting a little curvier now. Lookin’ good.

9. Give those parentheses a little more breathing room and you have yourself a Grade A Big Butt.

10. Check out the full video for tips on some more butt types.

11. H/t to Reddit for this one.

BRB, I’m off to draw several thousand butts.

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