This Is The Most Racist Music Video You Will See Today

1. This is Day Above Ground, an American rock band.

2. And they just released a music video for their song “Asian Girlz.”

3. The video was originally released with the following disclaimer:

5. So, despite their emphatic “WE ARE NOT RACIST, HAHA!” the racism kicks in literally 3 seconds into the video, when they use this font:

And it is accompanied by the Oriental Riff, made iconic in American culture by the song “Kung-Fu Fighting.”

6. The premise of the video: An all-male American band is inside a cage, watching an Asian woman strip outside of it.

Othering, much?

7. At the 4 minute mark, the lyrics literally just devolve into a list of stereotypes.

8. Predictably, the video got a lot of criticism very fast.

9. So Day Above Ground re-released it, with this description:

10. “We do not promote or support racism…” Really?

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