This Is George Takei’s First Tumblr Post

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George Takei’s infiltration of your social web experience continues with the former Star Trek actor’s foray into Tumblr. In case your Facebook newsfeed didn’t have enough reshares from Takei’s meme-filled page, you can now expect plenty of Takei reblogs showing up on your dashboard.

Takei’s first post, shown above, went up over the weekend and was a repost of an image he first shared on his Facebook page. He captioned the bumpersticker photo: “I’m trying out this new ‘Tumblr’ program my intern told me about. Anyone out there in the blogosphere? From my Facebook page earlier today, ‘How would it be if things were reversed?'”

Expect more than just well worn memes on Takei’s page — he has teamed up with Tumblr and Humans of New York to promote an Indiegogo campaign for people affected by Hurricane Sandy. The fundraiser has already collected more than $215,000.

Can Takei dominate the “Tumblr program” like he does on Facebook? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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