This IPhone 6 Bend Test Shows That ‘Bendgate’ May Not Be As Serious As Everyone Thinks (Video)

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The Twitterverse became flooded with posts shortly after the release of the iPhone 6 saying that the smartphone could get bent by simply being left in a person’s pocket.

Apple didn’t comment on these posts but stated that only nine people had reported bent devices and that the event of an iPhone bending is “extremely rare.”

The company also released a statement to the media detailing the rigorous physical tests iPhones go through before they are ready for sale.

The iPhone 6 cleared all of these stages and, therefore, could not be bent as easily as people claimed.

Consumer Reports still wasn’t convinced, however, and decided to conduct its own test on the iPhone 6 as well as on several other phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and LG G3.

Apple claimed to have applied roughly 55 pounds of force to the iPhone 6, so Consumer Reports replicated this test and then gradually increased the pressure by 10 pounds.

These phones turned out to be able to withstand a lot more than 55 pounds.

This chart shows how much force was required to bend each phone and separate the case from its glass screen.


via Consumer Report

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