This “Invisible Television” Screen Looks Incredible

Just when it was thought innovation in television had gone static, this new piece of kit shows TVs could still have a place in the home of the future.

Panasonic have been showing off their new invisible television at the annual Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) in Tokyo, Japan.

Thetransparent OLED Display works like a conventional LED television screen, but with the flick of a button, the screen acts like a transparent windowpane.

Panasonic also showed how the technology can be touch responsive and interactive. For example, they demonstrated the technology on a partially-transparent OLED screen refrigerator door, where users could flick through recipes on the Internet, monitor the fridge temperature, research ingredients, and even see what supplies they have in stock.

As you can see in the top image, the screen is also capable of retaining its transparency while displaying an image at the same time, creating a rather cool live-action cut-out of whatever is on the screen.

Panasonic have kept quiet about the technology behind the screen, althoughEngadgetreports it is made from a fine mesh, embedded into the glass sliding door. Currently, the design is just a prototype, so theres no word yet on its price. Nevertheless, you should have plenty of time to save up, as its expected to be in development for at least three more years.

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