This Insane Anamorphic Illusion Will Make You So F*cking Confused (Video)

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You know that famous Salvador Dal painting with the melting clock?

This video is like the moving-picture version of that painting.

Posted to YouTube by visual artist Brusspup, the mindf*ck of a video begins with a camera pan of a table cluttered with random household items, including a Rubiks Cube and a Solo cup.

Only one of them is real. The rest are what artists call anamorphic illusions: flat illustrations that appear to be 3D.

Slowly, the camera zooms in on each illustration to reveal if it is 3D or flat.

Itll hurt your brain and confuse your eyes and is probably one of the coolest things youll ever see.

We wont tell you which of the items is the real one see if you can spot it for yourself.

Check out the mind-bending video up top.

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