This Heroic Pit Bull Saw A Man Attacking A Woman. What He Did To Save Her Shocked Everyone

Pit bulls have a bad reputation as being the aggressor of violence.

Much of this is perpetuated through the stereotypical pit bull as dog fighter. In reality, there are countless cases of pit bulls being the most loving pets ever. Good with families, great with kids, and wonderful with other animals, including dogs and cats. Not to mention they are incredibly loyal. Heres a great example of the caring and protective nature of the pit. This story is about a husband and wife who get into a very horrible argument. It ends up drifting into the middle of the street and turns violent. The neighbors look on in absolute horror at what is potentially going to happen to the woman.

The husband quickly became the abuser as he grabs her hair and actually drags her down the street, with the woman screaming. A truly horrific scene, where clearly she was in immediate danger. Blitz to the rescue. Someone needed to intervene, and the only one that was taking any action at all was Blitz, the pit bull. Blitz didnt bite or attack, he simply stepped in and separated the two. His 170 pounds of bulk certainly helped in convincing the husband that maybe he should stop his abusive actions right this instance.

Blitz even stood over the victim, keeping her safe, until police arrived. He has since received praise from all around the world for his heroic actions and his devotion for being a loyal protector. He was the only one that would intervene in a situation where a woman was becoming harshly abused and the worst was yet to come, had no one done stepped up and done something. Blitz risked his own well being and did something.

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