This Guy Delivers A Couple Of Knockout Punches To The Rick Santorums Of The World

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Apparently, bad anti-gay talking points have met their match. 

For those of you keeping score at home:

  • [0:19] He tells us one thing you can probably blame gay people for.
  • [0:51] He Dismantles the insidious “blame the gays for AIDS argument.”
  • [1:32] He Gives us a surgeon general warning that would make lesbians very happy.
  • [2:00] He takes down another terrible anti-gay argument.
  • [3:00] And another one…
  • [4:30] He cuts the Pat Robertsons of the world down to size.
  • [5:00] He rests his case.
  • [6:00] He tries, and fails, to put a condom on a football … for no apparent reason.

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