This Eye-Popping Ouija Board Prank Is Here Just In Time For Halloween (Video)

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The “Ouija” movie comes out on October 24, and in honor of its release, someone staged a hilarious prank using the notorious game to freak people the f*ck out.

In the video, unsuspecting customers visit a “psychic.” In reality, she is a prankster who specializes in popping out her eyeballs. The “psychic” tells the customers she’d like to start the session off with the Ouija board, which already sets some people on edge.

The set is rigged to spell out “RUN,” and once the word is complete, the psychic pops her eyes out of her head and screams “run!” while a heavily costumed “dead body” model pops through the floorboards as an extra terrifying surprise.

Hidden cameras caught people’s reactions to the freaky “psychic” prank, and unsurprisingly, it’s absolutely hilarious. Be warned, though: You might be a bit creeped out yourself (the eye popping thing is seriously freaky).

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