This ‘Enlightened’ R&B Song Shows Men Are All About Equal Loving (Video)

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Most love songs follow a fairly simple formula: Some male singer tells a girl about all her attractive qualities before hinting at what he’d do to her in bed, and every artist ends up making far too much money for a song that’s been produced a million times.

There’s also usually a piano involved.

However, this is the 21st century, and in these enlightened times, love songs can no longer be pillars of misogyny (those tend to be the opposite of an aphrodisiac).

Luckily, College Humor has come out with its own progressive love song for people who want to compliment a woman in a politically correct way.

It probably isn’t going to be playing at the club the next time you roll through, but it definitely deserves some credit for being the only love song in existence to contain the word “reciprocity.”

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