This 1980s “Dancin’ Grannies” Workout Is A Real Thing And It Is Amazing

1. One day, you will be old. (28 doesn’t count as old.) And when you do get old, you will want to stay in shape. This workout VHS from the 1980s is just the thing you need. It’s DANCING GRANNIES FTW.

2. Before getting started, you’ll want to warm up. Shake it out. ShhhaaaaAAaaaaaakkke.

3. Next, you may be asked to sit on a log and bounce your feet up and down. Pink spandex NOT OPTIONAL.

4. There will be balancing exercises.

Tip: Do not be the lady who dropped her exercise ball.

5. There will be floorwork.

6. And, oh yes, there will be dancing.

7. Lots of it. Dance, grannies, dance!

8. You won’t regret this workout. Just take this granny’s word for it:

9. Here’s a quick intro to the world of Dancin’ Grannies.

10. And here’s the entire workout which I may or may not be doing tonight.

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