This 120mph Mega Crash Test Will Blow You Away, It Gets No More Real Than THIS

There’s plenty of reasons to wear your seatbelt while driving or riding in a car, of which I’m sure we’re all about tired of hearing at this point, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Even still, there are car accidents that no matter whether the driver or passenger was wearing them or not they’d still suffer grave injuries – even death. That’s the exact reason why we have crash tests, to figure out the safety limitations of vehicles that are on the road or will be – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a little fun with them every once in a while. In this episode of the British motoring television show Fifth Gear you’ll witness one of the most insane vehicular crashes of all time, a Ford Focus traveling 120MPH directly into a wall!

As you can see the car was in no shape to continue running after the collision, as the entire front end was completely demolished. The test dummies definitely didn’t “survive” the ordeal as only the very rear end wasn’t completely annihilated, so it’s safe to say that anyone Weston a seatbelt or not would never see the light of day again.

Drive safe folks, and remember that risking your life for a few seconds or minutes of thrills would never be worth it were the worst to happen. You can run almost every scenario of what could go wrong in your head and still miss that single one which could be your downfall. Still, that’s one hell of a crash!

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