These Tiny Castles Fit On A Single Grain Of Sand – Unbelievable.

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Artists Vik Muniz and Marcelo Coelho are the builders of the smallest sand castles in the world. It took them four years of experimenting with different methods, but they finally did it. Apparently, it’s not easy to etch an intricate drawing into a single 0.5 millimeter grain of sand. Who would have guessed?

Though the sand castles are small (microscopic, even) the “wow” factor is humongous. You will be amazed by the detail and overall quality of their work.

Check it out!

The Smallest Sand Castles in the World.

Yep, that’s small all right.

How is that even possible?


(via The Creators Project)

These are amazing! Finally, artwork small enough to keep in a New York City apartment.

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