These punks burn the US flag, now watch how the bikers respond

Whether or not you’re in love with everything about America, you still shouldn’t burn the one symbol that stands for the freedoms the country was founded upon.

A symbol is more than a government or a policy, and when you burn the flag it only shows your own ignorance. So when this group of people began burning the flag, laughing and joking around it in public – well this group of bikers just couldn’t stand by. Not only do they pull the American flag out of the flames, they successfully make everyone else in attendance clear out pretty quick! You can say what you want about a country or their people – literally whatever you want thanks to our freedom of speech, but the moment you attempt to take down a national symbol will be the moment you realize just how connected it’s people are to the dream it stands for.

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[WARNING: This video contains foul language.]

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