These Creepy Dolls Started Showing Up At Random Houses. WTF.

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Last week, some residents in the City of San Clemente, California started finding porcelain dolls left outside of their homes. According to police, up to 11 dolls were found outside of homes with young daughters around 10-years-old who all attend the same school. No messages were left with the dolls.

That is creepy enough in and of itself, but it gets worse. The dolls allegedly looked a lot like the little girls living in each home.

As you might expect this had their parents concerned and they got the police involved. Authorities should also consider hiring in exorcist. Just look at these dolls, they are so creepy.

This week police investigators managed to track the person who left the dolls.

According to investigators, an adult woman left the dolls with the families. All of the families who received the dolls attend the same church she does. The woman said she was cleaning out a family doll collection and decided to leave them as a surprise for the girls. Unfortunately, she also was leaving behind some nightmare fuel.

Police said that leaving the dolls is not considered a crime.

Check out this news report on the dolls.

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

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