There Is A Rapping Weatherman And He Is Shockingly Great

1. This is Nick Kosir. He’s a weatherman for KMVT CBS 11 / KTWT FOX 14 in Idaho. Also, he raps. This is his latest video of hot weather fire rhymes.

2. Here he is being a straight up thug about rain or something.

3. All of his raps are downloadable. If you’re looking for some sweet meteorological tunes.

4. According to his website:

“Meteorologist Nick Kosir, better known as The Rapping Weatherman, has gained national attention for his accurate and entertaining forecasts.

Kosir currently resides in Twin Falls, Idaho, where he hosts a morning and noon newscast with his wife. The two work for CBS and FOX affiliate KMVT/KTWT. Prior to moving to the northwest, Kosir worked as a morning meteorologist at FOX affiliate KBTV in Beaumont, Texas and as the Weather Director at WMFD in Mansfield, Ohio.”

6. Here’s him rapping in 3D.

7. And here’s him in an epic rap battle between Mother Nature and Old Man Winter (he plays Old Man Winter).

8. Lastly, here’s a post from his Facebook that’s hashtagged YOLO. Which is amazing.

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