Their Daughter Died In A Car Wreck. When You See Her Last Text, Your Heart Will Break

What happens when a form of technology is flipped to the extreme?

Marshall McLuhan used to ask this question so as to study the effects of certain technology and predict what will happen with it the future. Maybe we should have applied this question to the cell phone years ago as now we can see that the extreme of using this technology can senselessly end in sudden death.

Driving and texting has caused so many injuries and fatal outcomes that could have so easily been avoided. Many states have outlawed the action of cell phone using while driving, yet you are hard pressed NOT to find someone texting behind the wheel as you look around at your fellow drivers on the road.

Heres a mini-documentary from both friends and family of people who died as a result of the senseless act of texting and driving. The shocking part of this video is the texts which are revealed. They show the very last text message that was made before the person died. Its extremely sad and very pathetic to see how the last written words were totally inconsequential gibberish that never needed to be delivered while driving. Very sad but very telling at how we havent evolved enough to realize that the technology we are using can so easily lead us to the extreme of dying.

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